Wednesday, May 30, 2012


“I’m just extremely skeptical about the ability of a retail purchaser to be able to play on a level field in the market,” said [Alex] Tsesis, who is 45 and lives in Chicago.  “I’m just trying to get out of stocks.”

Heaven and Hell....Cornbelt Style!!!!!!

Is this Hell???  No, it's Illinois....

State Rep. Mike Bost (R-Murphysboro) rails against House Speaker Michael Madigan while Republicans tried unsuccessfully to amend the pension overhaul bill this week.

Monday, May 21, 2012

The Exploited Begin to Exploit in a Place Where They Have Power

"When people feel they have "hand", they generally use it...

"She sets off alone to the white sandy coast of eastern Kenya where she falls in with a group of "sugar mamas", fellow middle-aged women who feel neglected at home and seek the attention of much younger local men in exchange for cash."

Time for a middle-aged White Mama to go get some young, thick, black strange!!!!

"Duped and disappointed, she steels herself to ferociously pursue beach boys with little regard for their dignity, or her own."

It turns into a Kenya Oreo Cookie fuckfest at this point....

"Women from the rich West exploit young African men. But it's also a business, and they (the men) get something for it."

Friday, May 18, 2012

Ben Bernanke - Fed Chair by Day.... Real Wild Child by Night

Kenny Bing wants to party with this dude....

"The closest he came to showing a wild side was when he was a professor at Princeton: He bought a Chrysler Sebring convertible, according to someone who knows him." - also according to someone who knows him, he would drive shirtless and wearing black leather pants....

he's a real wild child

I wonder if it will be like "John" Voight's LeBaron at some point in the future

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Al Green Has Staying Power... The Euro? Maybe Not So Much

The years have passed but Mr. Green can still entertain.

"French President Francois Hollande and German Chancellor Angela Merkel stressed their desire to keep the eurozone together on Tuesday evening in key talks just hours after France's new leader was inaugurated."
I think they are going to try to hold it together for the least until they are out of school....

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Trust Me Kids - Your Old Uncle Kenny Knows What He's Talkin' 'Bout

It is easier to stay out than get out - Mark Twain

And Now, Mother's Day Deep Thoughts with Kenny Bing

next time, do me a favor and go to a sperm bank and do the rest yourself, bitch - Girl Power, Hot Shower
“I stay late at work just to postpone coming home to a screeching wife and kid. I don’t know which one is worse. I have no freedom, I can’t go back to college, I can’t travel. I feel as though I’m wearing a ball and chain. If I could have one wish it would be to go back and get a vasectomy before I met my wife…”

Yeah, I used to be one of the unfortunate ass clowns described here..  I’m nearing the end of my “responsibilities” and “duties”.   The youngest of the “little darlings” is reaching age 23 soon.  In a little more than 9 months, all of the strings will have been cut.  I’m thankful.  I hated the role the majority of the time.  I’ve nothing but resentment for the ties that existed which bound me to a woman that I came to fully loathe over a three decade period of time.  Familiarity breeds contempt, right?  I’ve tried to keep an attitude of “benign neglect” where her children are concerned and keep the deep seated dislike for their mother separated from them but often, I view the apples with the same eye that I view the tree.  In fewer than ten months, the four of them will not ever hear from me again.  I enjoy reminding the ex-Mrs. Bing (and by word of mouth, her offspring) that very soon, she’s going to be solely carrying the water for the wonderful, amazing, fantastic family that she oh so had to have for her “fulfillment” (as if that could really happen with that “glass-perpetually-half-full” malcontent).  

I’d sooner take a bullet than be called “grand-pa-pa” by some snot nosed brat raised by that clan.

“Having children ruined my life as well as hers. Why do women feel so obligated to have children even though they really don’t want them 24/7?”

From my own point of view, the bigger picture was this:  this was a cultural shift that I became ensnared within.  She was the wrong person for me to be paired with over anything more than a six month period of time.  It was the wrong person, wrong time, wrong place, wrong circumstances….for thirty plus years.

Marriage, children, family, home, possessions, SUV’s, pets, home sweet home, Christmas trees, hot chocolate, ugly sweaters, Easter egg hunts, grand children, chestnuts roasting over an open fire, family vacation, graduations, soccer practices, prom nights, high school football, marching band, mowing grass, washing cars, sickeningly sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet home is where the heart and family are is a grossly overrated source of happiness and, more often than is not, turns out to be a bullshit-encrusted fraud and a fa├žade – especially if you are a man.  It is sold as a sizzling steak but it often turns out to be a shit sandwich on whole grain wheat.

Friday, May 11, 2012

One Fist of Iron, the Other of Steel...If the Right One Don't A-get You, Then the Left One Will

The Eurozone (that means Germany) just found out that they have bigger problems on the horizon than just Spain and Italy....

PARIS (AP) — French President-elect Francois Hollande is suggesting that outgoing leader Nicolas Sarkozy's government underestimated the country's budget problems.
The Socialist Hollande spoke after the European Union lowered its growth forecasts for France and the whole of the 17-country eurozone.

Sarkozy replied (in French), " bad dudes."

Now You See It and Now You Don't

“The attorneys general could create a lot of problems for the banks and for the trustees and for bondholders,” Gradman said. “I can’t imagine a better securities law claim than to say that you represented that these were mortgage-backed securities when in fact they were backed by nothing.”

Securitization of mortgages....what a racket.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Shake Rattle and Roll

"The obesity epidemic is fueling diabetes, heart disease and other ailments — and adds significantly to the nation's rising health care bill."

On the flip side, it makes for damned entertaining You Tube videos.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

50 Shades of Silver

"the right talents in this area"

Going "English" in the commodities markets.  Spank me dearest, spank me hard.