Monday, November 21, 2011

Pedo State

"All these Penn State jokes are getting old... unlike the kid in the shower"

I heard they are renaming Sandusky's children’s foundation from "The Second Mile" to "The First Six Inches".

At Sandusky's arraignment, the judge reportedly asked him, "How does 8-9 years sound?"
He replied, "Sexy."

NebraskaPenn State…. Corn Huskers vs. Corn Holers.

During the Grand Jury investigation, Sandusky reportedly remarked, "I wish I had known that I was going to grow up to be pedophile."  When asked "Why?" he responded, "Because I'd have taken pictures of myself naked when I was younger."

An investigative reporter discovered that in his younger days, Sandusky was fired from his first job as a lifeguard...
Turns out the kids have to be dying before you can kiss them.

The remainder of Penn State’s football season has been changed to 2 hand touch regulations.

How does Penn State separate the men from the boys? They don't, they look the other way.

Someone should have seen the warning signs when commentators were referring to teams getting blown out as getting "sanduskied".

Craigslist listing:  FOR SALE, one PENN STATE football sweater, child’s size, white stains on back.

All of Penn State's wins this year were come from behind

Nittany Lions - practice hard, play hard, shower hard

What do Jerry Sandusky and evaporated milk have in common?  Both are white and come in little cans.

Anyone heard of a Sandusky sandwich? It's an old Polish sausage between fresh buns.

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