Sunday, November 11, 2012

Red, White and Banana Republic

"With luck, it'll come before the jackboots come crashing down or the biker barbarians pull into your small, helpless village. (Actually, it won't be anything like either of those two scenarios - it'll be like Argentina, which is bad enough.) But if things do go completely bad, remember as you're fighting for that last rusty can of baked beans in the ruins that the Republicans are far from guiltless. The American people did look for a way out, once upon a time, and it was the GOP that slammed the door in their face."

From American Thinker

A good article that sums up why the old Smug Bastard no longer wastes time standing in line to cast a vote.  I do my best to mimic the coyote - adapt, be flexible and to use a piloting phrase, "plan your flight and fly your plan but when the environment and conditions change, change your plans".  Coyotes are amazing creatures.  They do what they have to in whatever the environment to assure their survival and their ability to thrive in difficult conditions is nothing short of wonderful.  It seems that I once heard it said that the indians thought the coyote would be one of the last creatures to walk the face of the earth because they were so adaptable and had such strong survival instincts.

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