Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Illinois - A Case Study in the Failure of the Quasi-Socialist Nanny State

Got kids?  Well, bully for you.  Fantastic for you.  I'm sure the little darlings are the apples of your eye and you love being a mommy/daddy or whatever....  That being said -
  • Raise them yourself or with the assistance of your close family members and stop relying upon your neighbors' tax dollars or your state's misguided notions about robbing Peter in order to pay Paul. 
  • Stop looking to the nanny state to help you warehouse your offspring while you work...or party.....or go into fantastic student loan debt so you can attend Le Cordon Bleu school of cooking with the dream of becoming a glorified fry "chef" working the all you can eat buffet at a local gambling casino.
From the Illinois DHS website where you can find info about subsidized babysitting for Socialists.

If Joe Stalin or Mao ran a daycare for toddlers, he would love this arrangement.

Monthly co-payments

What is a monthly co-payment?

The monthly "co-payment" is the portion of child care costs that the parent is responsible for paying to you, their provider. It is your responsibility to collect this amount directly from the parent.
How are co-payment amounts determined?
Monthly co-payment amounts are determined by IDHS and are based on the number of people in the family, the number of children receiving child care and the schedule of the children in care.
The monthly co-payment amount is listed on the parent's approval letter. Read each approval letter carefully-monthly co-payment amounts may change! Co-payment changes can occur each time a parent's case is renewed (redetermined) or if there is a change in the parent's income, the number of people in the family, the number of children in care, or the schedule of care provided. You will receive a new approval letter anytime a monthly co-payment changes so you know how much to collect.

And...what effect does that have on people and the state budget???????
Not to mention the attitude of the citizenry???
Waking up from a dream in which money grew on trees...there will be a great wail and a gnashing of teeth....

From Post Dispatch: Illinois...mile after magnificent mile (of people looking for a handout)  Comptroller Judy Baar Topinka says Illinois is running out of money for child welfare, workers' compensation and services for seniors and the disabled.  Topinka is the state's chief fiscal officer. In a statement Monday, she says state agencies need about $1 billion to carry them through the end of the fiscal year in June. (Kenny Bing comment - kicking cans down the alley)
Topinka, a Republican, says lawmakers need to "end the denial" and deal with the crisis before it jeopardizes critical services residents need. She's urging them to transfer money from more financially sound programs.

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