Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Home Mortgage Deadbeat Heroes

find an excuse... any excuse
"In fact, Chapter 7 Trustee Nauni Manty had actually scheduled the hearing with Nancy Dreher, the Catholic judge, for 1:00 p.m. but sent notice to the Debtor that the hearing was set for 1:30 p.m. Debtor seriously questions Chapter 7 Trustee Nauni Manty’s motive in informing Debtor of the wrong time for the hearing. Was it to the make the job of the black-robed bigot that much easier? So, rather than forcing the Court to hear the case on its merits, the matter can just go by default? Debtor is suspicious of the Chapter 7 Trustee Nauni Manty’s motive given her track record of lies, deceit, treachery, and connivery, particularly, since the Chapter 7 Trustee Nauni Manty, the U.S. Trustee Colin Kreuziger, and Nancy Dreher, the Catholic judge, have been communicating with each other about this Debtor on an ex parte basis. U.S. Trustee Colin Kreuziger, Chapter 7 Trustee Nauni Manty, and Nancy Dreher, the Catholic judge, are of the same race and religion and their track record demonstrates their conspiracy and deceitful practices to hurt the Debtor."

There is a wrong headed assumption made by all these "let's make decent & clean housing affordable for ALL people in these great United States of America". Some of these idiots are NEVER going to make good on financial commitments. It goes against every grain of DNA in their miserable deadbeat bodies. They simply can't do it and never will. Lending them your money is stupid and that's why all these assclown policy makers lend them your money instead.

"As negative equity increases, we see corresponding increases in the number of new problem loans," LPS said Monday. "In Nevada and Florida, two of the states with the highest percentage of underwater borrowers, more than 3% of borrowers who were up to date on their payments are 60 or more days delinquent six months later. This suggests that further home price declines - should they occur - could jeopardize recent improvements."

I don't think the fat lady is quite done singing yet... or she is coming back on stage for an encore.

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