Tuesday, September 18, 2012

If The Shoe Fits....

It's true... I don't know if 47% is a legit number or not but there are a shit load of assclowns in this country who are coasting, phoning it in, etc. and the number seems to get larger and larger every year.
"FT Washington correspondent Stephanie Kirchgaessner and DC bureau chief Richard McGregor re[prt pm tje fa;;pit pf tje vodep. how Romney and his campaign team are dealing with the revelation, acquiescing that his remarks on the 47 per cent – including that they are “dependent on government”, do not pay tax and “believe that they are victims” – weren’t “elegantly stated” and he wanted to help “all Americans struggling in the Obama economy”.

FT article - as far as this being all on Barry, you can't really say that. This culture has been coddling deadbeats and backing wrong headed notions like single parenthood, helicopter parenting, tax incentives for squirting out children one can not really afford, etc., etc., etc., for a very long time. It has become / is becoming engrained in the culture. It's bullshit and if we are not careful, we're all gonna choke on it.

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