Tuesday, September 4, 2012

If I'm the Guy in the Casket, I Really Do Not Give Two Shits

"When you go to a military funeral at Calverton National Cemetery or Pinelawn National Cemetery on Long Island, you expect to hear Taps performed live.  However, with federal funding being cut, they may have to switch to a recording as opposed to a live tribute."

Hey... don't knock it 'till you've tried it... if it is anything like Milli Vanilli, the recording will sound better.

The most patriot (and humane) thing a person can do is to stop supporting CinC's that squander the resources of the country on mis-adventures in far off lands.  For those who love doing as they are told by strong, surrogate father figures and/or playing G.I. Joe for cash and prizes in war zones, go see if Blackwater USA is hiring and maybe you can play the part of Hessian for some tin hat dictator half way around the globe.  Eisenhower is probably rolling over in his fucking grave right now - military industrial complex - he tried to give warning but does anyone listen to what their old man tries to tell 'em.... noooooooo!!!!

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