Thursday, February 9, 2012

Education, Education, Education

Retraining Scam
Job retraining is scam perpetrated by for-profit universities, fueled by statements from Obama regarding re-training people for new jobs.

Brick-layers are told they can be "chefs", take $10,000 courses and the universities call it a "success" if they land a job "in their field" at McDonald's. Unemployed roofers are led to believe they can become Java programmers, and they waste collective $billions trying. Meanwhile out of work Java programmers are told to take up a trade like roofing or auto mechanics.

The cost of education keeps rising because Obama (like Bush before him), keeps adding to the student loan program when the entire student loan scam really needs to be shut down.

I'll share a Kenny Bing real-life-experience example soon of how universities are completely cool with the student loan arrangement currently in place and how it greases their wheels in the name of "higher education".  It involves one of Kenny Bing's own Golden Delicious Apples and how $88,000 of saved "college funding" left in the care of the Ex-Mrs. Bing went into the coffers of ShapeXpress (women's 30 minu.... ahem, upscale women's 30 minute fitness gym) instead of paying tuition costs as originally intended and agreed upon in a divorce petition.  That example will include a copy of the reply (shoo, go away crazy divorced man) I got from the government office in charge of policing for fraud and misuse of funds.  I'll have to go find it and dig it up.  I'll find it over the weekend and see about putting her on the blog.

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