Friday, February 17, 2012

May I Suggest A Little Waterboarding?

The charges made Wegelin the first overseas bank in history to be indicted by U.S. authorities and marked a milestone in a burgeoning American crackdown on Swiss bank secrecy and efforts to force banks to turn over client names. The sale and the subsequent indictment effectively brought an end to the storied bank.

We got ways of making you talk....

The indictment of Wegelin was the latest move by the U.S. Justice Department to clamp down on Swiss banks for their role in helping wealthy Americans dodge taxes.

Hummler courted press attention. In recent years, Hummler became particularly outspoken, telling Der Spiegel in 2009 that German tax evasion "is a legitimate defense by citizens trying to partially escape the current grasp of the administrators of a disastrous social welfare state and its fiscal policies." 

But in more recent weeks, Hummler's public voice grew silent - a sign of his worries, according to some people familiar with the matter.

I guess his hubris took a much needed vacation to the Swiss Alps.

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